Thursday, April 27, 2006


Coconut Buns Attempt #1

Ok, Ritchie may miss his egg tarts but I certainly miss my coconut buns. What is there to not like about them? A slightly sweet and light dough, filled with a sugary-buttery-coconuty paste inside. Ahhh it's bliss.

Today I attempted to make my own coconut buns, and I must say the results were sub-par. Adequate perhaps for someone who is 7114 km away from real ones, but I promise another attempt!

I used a recipe I found on, which did take a bit of searching. Apparently the actual Chinese name for it is gai mei bao, which literally translates to "cocktail bun".

Here's my paste in process of being created, and the dough after it's first rising.

After some patting down, I split the dough into about 16 little bunches, each one destined to be a top and bottom of a bun... turns out that this is a bit TOO much, the buns were quite large, almost mini-loaves!

Here's the final product, the oven I guess was a bit hot and they got a little crustier than the average coconut bun, but they _are_ supposed to be a fairly dark colour (thanks to the egg in the dough).

My biggest mistake was probably in the bun creation... to be honest, how does one fill a bun?
For my next attempt, I have a recipe kindly translated from the Chinese by Tom and Brenda which is not only filled with funny idioms, also somewhat explains how to fill a bun. Excellent!

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